Sunday, July 5, 2015


Hello! I thought I would reintroduce myself since it's been a number of months since I last blogged. 
I am Miranda Brown and this guy here is my husband Chris, we have been married 17 years this summer (we were babies when we married, I was 16 and Chris was 19) we have nine fantastic children - Austin, Zachary, Natalie, Presley, Rachael, Jude, Hannah, Henry, and Seamus.  

Four years ago we bought a house way too small for us up in the mountains of British Columbia with dreams of digging our hands in the soil and learning more about homesteading.  We are a homeschooling family for 12 years and we are gearing up to graduated our oldest. In this blog you will find many topics from homeschooling, homesteading, family life, and my walk as a Christian. I started this blog in 2008 to keep track of our days. My children read everything written it's become like our family journal. In fact it was them who encouraged me to start writing again. 

absolutely love hearing from you! I read every comment and email that comes in, and will do my best to reply to questions within the comments at the end of that day (so check back there if you've asked a question).  The words you share bring me such joy and encouragement. And very often, they lift my spirits and make my day - and encourage me to keep writing and sharing in this space. 

I hope you enjoy getting to know our family outside of Hope for Henry.

XoXo Love the Brown's

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

   We are in full science mode over here! Why? Well because we didn't do it any other time this year. LOL The joy of homeschooling. Today we tested  sound and how it transmits through matter.  We found that sound is transferred by particles slamming into other particles. We tried solids, liquids, and gasses, the closer the particles were to each other the louder the sound.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

We had a very productive week! Sure helps when you have nowhere to go. This is a little bit of what our week looked like outside our normal curriculum. We did a little study on Light: Refraction, a simple little experiment with a lab written up. Presley's lab (grade 4) is bellow. His penmanship is also improving quite a bit.

Natalie, Rachael and I decided to get a little crafty and made these gorgeous Waldorf-inspired window stars. They turned out amazing and make my kitchen a little more cheery.  We've also been nature journaling as much as week can in a week. This is bringing a natural appreciation to our world around us. We all are noticing things in our environment and connecting to our property in a new meaningful way, by observing, exploring and recording so much around us.

Monday, April 27, 2015

    We started using Big Truths For Little Kids when our oldest was nine. Every morning we would go through five questions. Now the oldest three know all the catechisms'. We have recently added this again to our morning devotions. The purpose of this book is to teach our children that they are created for God's glory. Catechizing children  is an effective way to teach a Biblical world view.
Everyday you memorize the answers to the questions in story 1. Each day you move to the next story but reviewing  the questions of story #1 and adding questions of story #2.
Today we were going through the Catechism's this morning. Jude was doing awesome answering his questions like " what covenant did God make with Adam?" "can you be saved through the covenant of life?" Then we get too " How, then, can you be saved?" And he answers "by calling 911." Completely serious and then very confused why everyone was laughing

My little people finding all the treasures in the school room.  Hannah does a fantastic job keeping their little busy bodies entertained.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

        Where have I been? Time flies when your busy.

We have been plugging along with our school days. The children just finished up 8 weeks of swimming lessons. I saw the most drastic improvements with Rachael and Jude. Last year was the first summer those two would even go in our pool at home. By the end of this session Rachael was confidently swimming and Jude was eager to bop around without fear of water on his face.

This Easter holiday we held back from Easter-ish traditions. No eggs, no chocolate etc.. We observed the feast of unleavened bread and really focused on what Christ has done for us our spotless lamb. I think this was my most favourite holiday with my children.  Nobody felt they missed out or complained... it felt holy. My home felt purified and clean. It was wonderful.

 I have been really praying and asking God to orchestrate and drive when it comes to educating my children.  Ive been eager for something fresh and new.  We live and have created a learning rich environment with many things going on around us all the time. I have made myself available to interact with them all day.  Coming to the end of our 11th year home educating I have seen many seasons come and go.  I can not be all things to all the children. We have seasons where the focus is just one learning to read, or when we are up late talking. Homeschooling is so much easier when we TRUST Him, listen to Him, rest in Him and quit doubting yourself so much. Avoiding the temptation to over control your days.

Last spring our pet rabbit got loose in our yard, he didn't stray far so we let her be. In November we noticed a white wild rabbit had become friends with ours.  It was the cutest thing watching these two chase each other.  Well last night there was a buzz of excitement we saw three fluffy baby bunnies eating away in my front flower beds.   What a neat experience for the children exactly this is what I love about our days. We decided to read just how often a mama bunny can reproduce and well we might have to figure something out.  I feel a little like Beatrix Potter.

Last week we had decided now with the spring weather to create nature journals again. I gave Natalie the task at creating them, she used booklets from the dollar store and brown paper bags that she fed through the printer for a picture and then added colour.

May and June  much of our outside commitments have ended and we will have much more time to explore and do more project based learning.  I look forward to this, I think we over did ourselves this year. Natalie will still continue with violin and Presley with piano and Natalie and Rachael have their dance recitals coming up at the end of May but these lesson will now be happening on Mondays shrinking back my calendar a lot.

Friday, March 13, 2015

For Social Studies/Science we have being talking about places to live. Jude and Rachael did a cut out work sheet together on pond life. It showed the different cycles of pond life in different seasons.  Everyone then watched an episode of The Magic School Bus " Hops Home: Habitat.   
Field Trip Notes
Wanda brings Bella, her pet bullfrog, to school and starts to set up a habitat for her in the classroom. Bella has other ideas, however. She hops out the window and heads for parts unknown. The class hops after her - in The Magic School Bus turned bullfrog. After searching in a few habitats, the kids find Bella in a lovely pond that’s just right for a frog to live in. But how will Bella escape the predator heron? And if Bella lives there, won’t Wanda be lonely without her?

They also watched this little video on YouTube.

 We read this together.  I love when I read aloud my teens even stop what they are working on to listen and join in on our conversations. I found this book was very well written in an easy but informative way to understand for all ages, mom included.  This book sparked many questions from the children. Did you know river otters steal beaver dens for themselves?

Even though Communities are technically taught in the early years. I enjoy bringing my group together as much as possible  I had Presley draw this fabulous anchor chart on the different types of communities.  This followed in a conversation with Jude and Rachael about different services in each of those area's.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

   Spelling tests get boring sometimes, so I like to try and think of new ways to spice it up a little.
I pulled out our scrabble tiles and cut hearts out of construction paper and wrote Valentines related words. Rachael and Jude had a blast doing this together. I love it when we can find activities that are engaging and built relationships by spending time together.